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online readingsThere are many wizards, fortune tellers, gipsy witches and many other people who work with crystal balls, but the question here is what do they really do?; our answer is oriented to the online readings; we say “online” since we refer to those individuals who use internet to promote their jobs. Online readings are not only reached by crystal balls but also by tarot cards, numerology and runes, for example; but it is true that most of people who request for this divination method believe that crystal balls are the most effective. Although it does have certain power, the previous elements are also reliable. To understand how online readings work, we must first, describe the practice of Crystallomancy; scrying (seeing images through the crystal ball) has been developed in almost every culture, it was taken by Babylonians, ancient Egyptians, greeks, hindus, mayans and even incas; meanwhile in Europe, the crystal ball earned its popularity 1500 years ago.

What are online readings?

Online readings are basically taken from divination methods which do not only involve the crystal ball, but no matter where they come from, they take place on the internet. To get online readings we must first find an internet site related to clairvoyance, once inside the site and after over viewing most of it, we must enter to the special section: online readings by crystal ball or other methods. We can not describe how they work since it is still a mystery, it is said that the results of the online readings are related to the person who is asking the questions; so it is probable that the readings won’t tell much about one individual but they could be very accretive about other. Online readings by crystal ball emulates the same fortune tellers sessions, the advantage here is that you do not have to move from your place to get your reading and a useful piece of advice. In case you have not tried it yet, we recommend you to start from today and you will probably get what you are looking for.

interpreting the readingsHow to interpret the readings?

The most difficult step about clairvoyance is to interpret the results we get from each session, especially if we do not have the help of an expert; online readings are not the exception, but here we will provide some advice that may help you to understand your faith. First we must say that there are two possibilities: the images reflected by the crystal ball might be present or they could represent something, we mean, symbolic. Although it could seem confusing at the beginning, as time passes by, with practice, our instinct will help us to interpret them; most of online readings sessions shows both types of images at different times but always in the same session. When online readings throw images of present events, they may appear like a movie sequence of an event but we still do not know if they represent the future or the present; however, some fortune tellers use a special rule to interpret the readings: the crystal ball position. When we observe the images at the centre of the ball it means that we are in front of present events, when they are at the back means we are observing the past and, if these images take place in the front of the ball, we are talking about the future.


Online readings are full of symbols and messages difficult to understand or interpret; the crystal ball is a wise oracle that we should treat with respect; here we will provide the most common symbols: first we have the beetle which means long life; then there is the clouds which has two meanings: rising: positive; descending: negative. The crown means status, also power, the dragon is a synonym of good luck meanwhile the cup represents love and relationships. The online readings may also throw images such as fruit, horse or lion; the first one stands for children to come, pregnancy; the second means change and the lion is related to strength and recovery. Scales mean justice, starts success, tower ego and water communication or contacts; the snake is not a bad sign, as everybody believes, it represents knowledge, meanwhile, the swam brings good news. To finish these online readings’ meanings, we have the waves which mean physical love and, the unicorn, this image stands for purity and innocence.

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