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gypsy tellerA gipsy teller is someone capable of using gypsy magic in order to predict or spell curses; but as we all know, not all fortune tellers are similar, and when we talk about gypsy tellers we must be very careful and specific. The word Shuvihani means “witch” for gypsies and this person knows everything about occultism; they are the ones who bless, curse or heal an individual; this is why they are so respected. It is believed that gypsy tellers come from the union of a young gypsy woman and a water or ground spirit. Although this idea is not accepted by all the gypsy community it is still respected; nowadays, gypsy tellers are trained by older women in order to continue the tradition. One of the most successful divination methods of gypsy tellers is the gypsy tarot; we are talking about cards which will lead us though our destiny and will help us to make some crucial decisions. First we must say that gypsy tarot appeared in Europe around 1500s and they were used as playing cards; the question here is what is tarot?. Some people believe it is a gift meanwhile, others affirm it is magic or a psychic phenomenon. No-one has ever solved this doubt, we must achieve the conclusion ourselves; the human mind has powers beyond our understanding but some gifted people, such as, gypsy tellers are able to use them. The gypsy teller uses the tarot cards to see the most important things in someone’s life: past, present and future; each card has a meaning and depending on its position and the lay out of the others card, placed on the table, the gypsy teller will interpret them.

gypsy fortunetelelrWe will provide some basic meanings for each card; for example, 2 of hearts mean love and partners; 3 of hearts, celebration, 4 of hearts discontent; 5 of hearts loss of love; 2 of clubs friendship; 3 of clubs proposals; 4 of clubs celebration; 5 of clubs strife; 2 of diamonds peace, 3 of diamonds sorrow; 4 of diamonds rest after war; 5 of diamonds gossip and warning. 3 of spades stands for projects; 4 of spades means power and possession; 5 of spades is basically money problems and 6 of spades charity. If the gypsy teller gives us aces they all mean new beginnings: of hearts, beginning of new love; of diamonds beginning of a new age; of club beginning adventures and of pentacles, beginning of financial business. In case we are interested in learning this type of tarot we should ask for some advice and knowledge of gypsy tellers; they are the only ones capable of teaching us all we need to know to be a great and effective tarotist.

gypsy witchGipsy witch

A gypsy witch is different from a fortune teller since the first one has the ability to put spells and curses on people; the gypsy witch has powers beyond our imagination; this person may help us to understand our couple helping to improve our relationship. At the same time this gypsy witch has the power of seeing our future, and as a consequence, she will advise us how to proceed in order to face the possible problems. She can also answer some crucial questions about our existence or our destiny. But above all we have mentioned, the gypsy witch has the power to act and influence people, this is what differences the witch from the teller. The first one is capable of spelling a curse on someone to make them fall in love with us, or, at least influence that person to have romantic feelings for us. The gypsy witches are very well known mainly because they are much more powerful than ordinary tarotists and witches; they have the power to stop our rivals, to increase the success of our finances or to keep our couple by our side. A gypsy witch can change things in your favour by using just one spell; their love spells work and they adjust to your will.

What is a gypsy curse?

The gypsy curse has scared plenty of of people around the world, not only for their damages but also because it is not so easy to break; it is said that gypsy witches believe that every minute, in heaven, they could hear the bells ringing, and if the asked for a wish in that exact moment, God would provide it. From that moment on, many gypsy witches started to frighten people and that is why, today, we can observe, they prefer to stay away from them or give them something in return to avoid the curse. Many people may wonder how to get rid off a gypsy curse; we do not have an accurate answer: some affirm that we must ignore the curse or spell; if we do not consider them important then they won’t affect us. On the contrary some others believe that we must ask the gypsy witch to take away the curse; she is the only one with that power.

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