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gypsy onlineAs we have explained before, gypsy culture is very sophisticated and to understand its most important facts we need the help of an expert or someone who is involved with the gypsy traditions; although it may sound difficult to believe, there are some tarot websites which include a special section called “gypsy online”. Here is where the customer learns everything about the culture and, at the same time, have the chance to ask their questions to the gypsy tarot; getting online answers. Tarot does not only belong to the gypsies, but they were the ones who developed it in such a way that today is considered the most important divination method; gypsy online tarot is performed in thousands of websites with the aim of helping people to make decisions, find answers and see things more clearly.

gypsy tarotOnline gypsy tarot counts with a deck of cards which include 78 figures; this tarot has 22 Main or Major arcanes and 56 Minor arcanes; these ones are divided into 4 suits and each has 14 cards: gold, cups, spades and clubs. They represent three different states of mind: psychic, physical and emotional; when we perform the gypsy online tarot we need to know that gold represent earthly needs, cups emotional needs, spades intellectual actions and clubs ideas and thinking. Gypsy online tarot emulates one of the most antique forms of divination with the crystal ball and it is also taken as a communication mean which is hidden in our subconscious; who interpret the cards will give us a clear vision of the person’s profile, their circumstances feelings and every detail about their personality. Gypsies affirm that their tarot is always used to serve and help people to find relief, interesting and useful information and, some times, company. Gypsy magic and tarot are the most powerful that explains why since ancient times, gypsies were recognized by their predictions.


A gypsy online website does not only offer the chance to play with tarot cards but also the possibility of getting gypsy spells; one of the most popular is the one related to fire. In case we have a chimney in our home, we should sit in front of it and think very hard about what we really wish; once we have done it, we will throw three handful of salt towards the fire asking for our wish and saying a specific praying. If what we really want is to get rid off something, we just have to burn it in the chimney instead of keeping it on the garbage. Another gypsy online spell is the one related to water; we will fill bowls with water and keep them resting during full moon nights; next morning we will use this water to wash ourselves or even water the plants. Then we will reach the nearest water fountain we have (lake or sea) and will offer something precious in order to receive what we really desire; we will throw our offering to the water, then we will thanks and wait. One of the most popular gypsy online spells is the one which involves the air; we will burn incense to clean up some places from our environment, then we will get undress and bathe our body with the smoke, in this way we will be sending the negatives vibes away. The last spell is called the earth; if we count with a garden in our home, we will need to bless it through a small ritual; we will pour some honey and milk all over the ground. From time to time, we should walk with our bare feet, on the blessed ground or grass in order to find peace and harmony.

Gypsy secretsgypsy secrets

Gypsy online websites offer some secrets to get benefits in our daily lives, some of the most popular are curiously related to the kitchen; for example, if we desire to increase our fertility there is a special ritual which orders not to eat eggs during 6 weeks. To increase passion in our relationship the best thing to do is add saffron to the food, pour cinnamon and honey on our deserts and eat chocolates with strawberries and champagne. The clams are also recommended by gypsy online websites, we can eat them cocked or raw; they represent the female gender. Almonds are also very aphrodisiac especially if we mix them with honey; this type of food is a great energizer mainly for men; to finish our menu, we have the cranberries; from ancient time, this fruit represented sexuality, fertility and energy; it is always advised to prepare a desert with it.

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