Gypsy Magic

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gypsy magic spellsGypsy magic is very difficult to understand since it has its arcane history and folklore; to get a clear concept about this culture we first start describing the term gypsy. It is very hard to be specific about the gypsy culture since there are several meanings; at the beginning the word was used to refer the first roman people who appeared in England around 16 th century. Although now the term is sometimes associated to these individuals, most of people use the word gypsy to speak about those who live by the Roman lifestyle. Back to the gypsy magic, we remark that this culture has always been spotted by its psychic abilities and knowledge of the future; but where does gypsy magic come from?.  We have said before that the first gypsies traveled to England but they didn’t stay there, they moved all around the world and that is why, nowadays, we can find them in almost every country. To explain the origin of the gypsy magic we could take some information which says that gypsies are descendants of Egyptian mother goddesses, Isis who gave them the power not only to predict the future but also to spell curses. Another theory affirm that gypsies were the one who forged Christ cross and, as punishment, they were condemned to live a life without homeland; no matter where they are from, these people are fascinating and acclaimed fortune tellers and experts on arcane arts.

magic woman gypsy queenIt is believe that gypsy magic might be performed in different ways but only women are able do the future readings; it is true that some fortune tellers are impostors who take advantage of their reputation. In gypsy magic we can see typical elements or “tools” that these people use to perform their job: crystal balls, tarot cards, tea cups for future readings, etc. The main attractive characteristic of the gypsy magic is not based only in their cards or crystal balls; they are also very observant people and they can tell many things about someone by only reading the appearance of their patrons. If we ask someone what he or she knows about gypsy magic, they will probably give an answer related to curses, and they are not so far away from reality; gypsies may put a spell on anybody just by staring them deeply; the most common one is called “the glamour” and also known as “evil eye”. The other common gypsy magic practice is the “cross my palm with silver”, here the gypsy witch, without using a cristal ball, will read the palm of our hands and will tell us the near and distant future; the do not ask for money in return but they do expect us to be generous.

Gypsy methods of predictions and spells

gypsy magicThere are thousands of gypsy magic practices on earth but to get the expected results we must follow some instructions step by step; the most ordinary method of prediction requires a china cup, cold water, a gold ring and hair. The cup must be filled (two-thirds) with cold water, once it is on the table, we will carefully tie the hair (of the person involved) to the ring, we will sit and rest our elbows holding the hair’s tip with both hands above the water on the tea cup. We will wait until the ring starts to swing from one place to another, very slowly, we must remain our hands still. Once the ring begins to strikes from side to side, we will count the pings and the final number will be the age of the hair owner. Gypsy magic is not only used to guess the future or to put spells on people, it is also dedicated to the healing arts; the elderberries is the favorite gypsy plant due to its diuretic and detoxifying effects. People choose this plant to loose weight and also to get cosmetic benefits, but gypsies believe that it has much more positive properties for human beings. An infusion may erase illnesses such as asthma, flu, stomachaches, colds, etc; they also recommended it for rashes and cuts; this plant is used in gypsy magic almost all the time since the results are 100% effective.

Tips for success in gypsy magic

The first tip to practice gypsy magic is to turn of all the appliances that might disturb our environment; the second step is to keep our tools to ourselves since they absorb people’s energy. Then we must consult the calendar to settle our magic day which will follow the lunar cycle; the gypsy law says that what you send, it comes back to you three times more, if we are using gypsy magic to hurt or damage someone, we will run the risk of getting hurt; it is up to us. Always be positive about the magic you perform, in this way our power will increase; you must have faith in you above all, we need positive vibrations to get the expected results. Finally, if we do not get what we expect, we must be patient, in this way we will avoid possible doubts and negativity.

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