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Future readings is an action only performed by fortune tellers, wizards or gipsy witches with the aim of knowing events that will take place soon or perhaps in a near future. There are different methods to know the future, by tarot, runes, using a crystal ball and also other types of oracles. The crystal ball is the most well known element that wizards use to predict events and if we wonder why it is their favorite, we must remark that the experts consider the crystal ball as the most reliable clairvoyance mean. The future readings take place on the crystal ball when it throws images, showed in sequences, the last ones do not always follow a certain order; they could be showing images of the past, present or future. To know if we are in presence of future readings, the images must be located in front of the crystal ball, otherwise we would we watching our past or present. To start the future readings’ sessions we must first prepare the environment, to get the ideal atmosphere we should choose a quite and peaceful room, it is impossible to concentrate if the place is too noisy; another piece of advice is not to let the daylight enter the room. The future readings may be performed with three people but not more; the one who is not related to the session must remain in silence; to improve the results of the reading, we recommend you to concentrate on the crystal ball and its symbols.

Reading the crystal ball

reading crystal ballReading the crystal ball is not a difficult task if we achieve the right environment; if we are beginners and it is our first future readings, we must be aware that, perhaps, we won’t have immediate results since we are not talking about a tv appliance. Some people get disappointed when, after weeks, they do not get the images that they had been waiting for; but you should know that clairvoyance is a gift that must be worked and developed very hard, and sometimes it takes months to get the firsts results. The key to obtain the best future readings is to relax and concentrate, it is necessary to remain switch off from reality when we perform the readings, this means, we must leave our worries and distractions away and focus only on the crystal ball. It is probable that, at the beginning it takes hours to concentrate but, after a period, we will notice some changes in the ball; you may wonder what those changes are. Some fortune tellers affirm that, in their first experience, they could notice milky clouds which changed their colors; after this effect, they perfectly saw the first images related to past, present and future events. We also warn you that the images may not be very clear at the beginning but with training we will be able to convert the shapes and silhouettes into perfect pictures.

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Future readings are not necessary achieved by using a crystal ball, there are large varieties and methods that fortune tellers and gypsy witches use to do their job; experts affirm that the future readings can be performed with the help of shiny objects such as crystalline gem stones, mirrors or, of course, a crystal ball. In case we decide to use a ball, we should think of its size and the material used for its construction; some witches use a palm ball; this type of ball is very small and might be held in any hand. The gypsy witches prefer a large ball since they remark that the larger the crystal ball is, more efficiency we will get; however, wizards are the ones who believe that the best future readings are showed by small balls, since they get in direct contact with it by holding the ball in their hands. Books related to future readings advise us to use a perfect spherical ball to perform clairvoyance, this means that the ball must not have a flat bottom; its support must be made of wood or metal. If the crystal ball is made of glass, then it should be free of air bubbles; in case it is carved from natural stones like quartz, obsidian or beryl, then it may show its natural color. In case we are not still familiarized with this method, we can use the Hersue technique; it requires strong memory and good concentration to get the future readings; at the same time, if we desire to know something from someone, we should remember every single detail of the individual face. If the session is properly done, we will have results similar to astral projection; you will travel to the desired place and you will feel you are there in person but, you won’t be able to pass through objects.

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